Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Shiny New Blog

I have avoided creating a blog for years now. I never felt like I had enough important ideas to force upon the world to justify it. That and I assumed I would abandon it at some point and it would become yet another piece of litter along the information superhighway. I'm not convinced that these things have really changed but there have been a few times recently where I did want to post an idea to a more permanent medium than IRC, especially concerning my latest hobby: OpenStreetMap. So here I am, creating a blog on a Friday night.

Who knows where it will go but I do hope to post occasional observations concerning OpenStreetMap as well as some open source topics in general (yes, I use Linux) and maybe an occasional note about my job. I work as a developer for Kansas State University. Java with a heavy dose of SQL (Oracle) if you are curious.

Now, here is a random picture of me at the end of No-Shave November in 2008. If anyone reading this doesn't know me, it is a horrible first impression because I usually shave. But there you have it.


  1. Ah yes, will take over the world one kb at a time. I write two blogs, although one of them ( is for my church--and is appropriately tame--while the other ( ) is in Hungarian and hence is not too effective for plotting world domination. At any rate, good luck!

  2. Wow, what a beard!!! Never seen you so gruff. Actually it doesn't look bad. Hope you enjoyed that November. Are you doing it this year?