Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remapping using TIGER 2011

The license change mapping process I talked about in my previous post works well where there is still some clean data to go off of and you're just having to redo some work that a decliner did in splitting ways or adding some nodes to refine the geometry. But what about when an entire area is on the chopping block? I present the OSM Inspector view in Glendale, CA:

The area I worked on was just south of here and was actually even worse although I didn't get a "before" screenshot. Less yellow, more red. Here is what it looked like on Simon Poole's "badmap" rendering. Pretty much the entire road network is going to get nuked:

Most of this data is from a single, very prolific contributor who is not likely to agree to the new terms. It is also highly unlikely that anyone in the area is going to be able to redo all of his work before April 1st. So I reached for a bigger paintbrush: TIGER 2011.